How to Get Madden 21 Draft

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After a brief introduction, the players met Kelly Porter in the cutscene and chose one of two voices for their Madden NFL 21 character. Then, the player character will talk to the director about the interview. There will be a flashback, and the player will receive a football helmet. After the cutscenes, the game will guide the player through this tutorial. After completing the tutorial and conducting cutscenes with the coach, Tommy welcomes the players to join the team.


How to Get Madden 21 Draft

In another cutscene, the player will talk to Tommy about his frustration with the recruitment proposal, and then meet the young Reggie. Reggie will try to get an offer from Tommy, but he will avoid it, and the player's role will provide some answers to the paper.
These are some questions raised by Reggie. Players must choose the answer from the options provided by Madden NFL 21.

The first question is which QB style players can imitate. The following are options.
Patrick Mahomes (big arm), Tom Brady (precise), Russell Wilson (improviser), Lamar Jackson (mobile phone)
For the game, I chose Lamar Jackson. Then Reggie will ask about the player's personality on the court. Similarly, the player must select an answer from one of the following options.

Win the Entertainer Leader Team Player at all costs
I chose to win for my game at all costs, and Bridges told Ray Guitar that he hated losing. In the next cutscene, Bridges will meet Tommy, who is not beautiful and tell Bridges that he was born with congenital heart disease. He asked Bridges to remain silent about his heart condition.
Here, players have another choice. Support Tommy or convince him to skip the game. I chose to support Tommy. Bridges told Tommy that he would remain silent, but he disagreed.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the coach will put Tommy on the bench because of his poor performance, and then send Bridges to replace him. Here, the player can choose one of two options.

Hesitate (team member) to accept the challenge (team leader)
For the match I played through Madden NFL 21 Face Of The Franchise, I chose to "accept the challenge" before the game started. Of course, players must play it. After the match, he recruited analyst Grant Simmons and gave his business card to Tommy, which he was not satisfied with.
After that, Reggie Bridges (Reggie Bridges) will be interviewed two days before the state championship. Reggie will ask about his greatest strength, and the player will have to choose the answer from the following options.

Avoid traffic peaks-unlock the escape artist call adjustment-unlock the conductor throwing accuracy-unlock the stakeout dead-eye induction pressure-unlock the safety value.

I chose to avoid being unrestrained for the broadcast of my "Madden NFL 21 Franchise Faces". When Bridges answered the question, Tommy rushed out of the coach's office, the coach called Bridges and said a word in the office, and then the game jumped to the title.

Play the game, and after completion, the game will jump to the high school stage. The trainer praised his style, and Tommy walked in. Tommy said he is healthy and can re-enter the competition. Here, players have another option:

Tell Tommy to work. Position occupied

I chose to "tell Tommy that the position has been filled." Bridges told Tommy that this was his team. Tommy sits down and means Bridges that if he becomes the receiver, Bridges will become a better QB. The trainer agreed and left excitedly.

Bridges told Tommy that he wanted to do things right, and Tommy told him that any recruiter could see this through the Midwest Preparation Showcase. Tommy asks Bridges to let him do his something because this is his last chance to get an offer.

At the beginning of the event, Snoop Dogg walked past Bridges, and they chatted. Here, players have another option:
Introduce monitoring function without introducing a monitoring function
I decided to introduce Tommy Snoop. He told Tommy that he is a big fan, and the game is underway.

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