The Madden 21 TOTW 9 Released, Davin Cook and DAVANTE ADAMS OVR UP

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A total of 9 teams are online at MUT this week, including LTD Melvin Gordon III of Josh Allen, the week's player, and heroes Matt Birk and James Harrison. Josh Allen won this week's Player of the Year honor after leading the Bills to defeat the Seahawks 44-34. In the Madden 21, Allen scored 415 passes, three passes, and one rush at a speed of 31/38. Don't forget to play the Weekly Game Challenge until it expires at 11:17 10:30 AM EST to get the TOTY tokens required for the TOTY set released in January (needed in 17 tickets) 14. Check out this week's TOTW projects and their complete ratings below:

Davin Cook | RB | Minnesota Vikings
Now is the time for Dalvin Cook to get the respect he deserves. It can be said that this is the best time in the NFL. Cook released another huge statistical game in week 9 with a ground score of 22/206/2 and two other catches for 46 yards. In the past two games, Cook has accumulated 478 face-off yards and six touchdowns. He has found the finish area of ​​every game he has played so far this season, and there may not be a chance to stop him. The Madden rating regulator team is challenging Cook's OVR accordingly.

David Adams | WR | Green Bay Packers

The Madden 21 TOTW 9 Released, Davin Cook and DAVANTE ADAMS OVR UP
In week 9, Davante Adams once again became an absolute monster in the statistics table. In Week 9, the Packers’ first battle team released a 10/173/1 line, which marked his third game of the season with more than 150 yards. He has also scored six times in the last three games and has scored double-digit goals in all but one game this year. Due to his impressive and consistent performance, the Madden rating regulator team once again raised Adams' OVR this week.

Kyler Murray | QB | Arizona Cardinals
Kyler Murray continues to complete missions for the Cardinal through the air and on the ground. The second-year quarterback scored four touchdowns, three passes, and one sprint in Week 9, marking his fourth consecutive sprint score. In the game, he also rushed for more than 100 yards and then threw 283 yards. In the last three games, Murray has accumulated 11 touchdowns and is currently one of the league's hottest quarterbacks. Therefore, the "Crazy Rating Conditioner" team is adding Murray's OVR.

Tom Brady | QB | Tampa Bay Pirates
You will see it. Tom Brady felt very bad on Sunday night. He threw for 209 yards with three interceptions and zero landings and posted a low passer rating of 40.35. Brady is still a goat, but he couldn't find a chemical reaction at all in the receiver in week 9. Although he hopes to rebound in Week 10, the Madden rating regulator team cannot ignore Brady's unforgettable outing.

Matthew Stafford | QB | Detroit Lions
Matthew Stafford didn't play on Sunday, scoring a touchdown and two catches for 211 yards. In recent weeks, his performance has slowed down because he has only posted one game in the past four games and has exceeded the score in a single touchdown. This week, the Madden rating adjuster team lowered Stafford’s awareness and stress level, eventually dropping his OVR by -1.

TOTW 9 players
LTD-Melvin Gordon III
POTW-Josh Allen
Offensive hero Matt Burke
Defense Hero James Harrison
Jabrill pepper
Jerry Jedi
A.J. Klein
Tua Tagovailoa
Jarran Reed
Davante Adams-92 OVR boots

TOTW 9 sets
Player of the week: Josh Allen (Josh Allen)
Complete the tasks that require the completion of the following tasks to earn 92 OVR Josh Allen:

Jabrill pepper
Jerry Jedi
2x A.J. Klein
2x Tua Tagovailoa

Offensive hero: Matt Burke
Complete the set that needs to meet the following requirements to win 92 OVR Matt Birk (Matt Birk) and his "Power Start":

2x Jerry Judy
3x Tua Tagovailoa
3x Davan Adams

Defense Hero: James Harrison
The following conditions need to be met to obtain the outfit of 92 OVR James Harrison and his power:

2x Jabrill peppers
A.J.'s triple Klein
3x Jarran Reed

81-89 OVR TOTW Week 9
Exchange 16 78-82 OVR players to get random 81-89 OVR TOTW 9 players.

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