How to Improve Defensive strategy in Madden NFL 21

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With the recently released Madden NFL 21 on every current video game platform, players can enter their gaming habits and get used to the latest entries in the annual franchise. The offense usually gets high performance and praise, but good defense can also come in handy. Knowing how to close opponents can reduce the pressure on you and your offense. Now is the time to look at how any player can improve their defensive ability in Madden NFL 21.

How to Improve Defensive strategy in Madden NFL 21

Increase the speed of defensive players
This year, they have significantly reduced the speed of guys who use you on the defensive end, so you won't be able to cover so many areas. With today's skills, you should be able to cover more areas.
The key to doing this work is to put your user-controlled guys into QB spies during any playback. You can also hot-route the player to Blitz. The effect will be the same.
If you use it in practice mode or pointless games, you will find a difference in speed and agility.
This is what you should always do in defense.

Understanding the formation
Earlier, there was a technique that talked about understanding the difference between running formation and passing formation. This technique will delve into it and solve the problem from a defensive perspective. You should know what kind of confrontation your defensive formation can bring to certain offensive formations. If your opponent is playing against three receivers, then you might try to use nickel to get the right amount of defensive support. Take some time to understand when to oppose various defensive plans and formations.

For people who want to take advantage of Madden's AI programming, a well-known secret is to carry the ball inside and bounce it to the sideline. This is also a back exercise often discussed in real life. As a defender, you need to understand that forcing things internally will always help your team. By merely turning the opponent inward, your teammates will give your teammates enough time to play on the ball and slow down the guy with the ball. Working from the outside to the inside can turn the highlighted run into zero gain.

Run VS through
This tip requires you to have a little understanding of the offensive forms of football, which ones may cause running, and which ones are most commonly used for passing. A simple experience can give you a partial idea of ​​the most likely game to be played before stealing the ball.
Knowing whether to pass or run will allow you to hear the sound of the game and put you in a favorable position. You must also understand that you must also expect surprises.

What level is appropriate?
Are you willing to control the linebacker in the midline area? Do you prefer to bump into the passers-by on the face-off line? Can you play safety and become a hawk saboteur in middle school? These are all questions you need to ask yourself if you are trying to improve your defense. Computers and AI can only do many things, depending on which level of protection you determine which level of security can play the best. All this is to mitigate risks and create advantages for yourself and the players around you.

Popular routes
Now you may ask yourself why knowing the hotline is essential for defense. Well, if you know what type of hotline you can call, then you can prepare for the changes your opponent makes on the face-off line. Only a certain number of routes can be allocated. People tend to have common route combinations that can be quickly identified by paying attention—knowing that your opponent will heat-route on the notch receiver to tilt it for the third descent will make interception a piece of cake.

People and District
Novices usually do one of two things when defending. They will either only play air defense because it is more direct and more comfortable to understand, or they will jump back and forth between people and areas to confuse.
As with most things, it’s essential to experiment and find the best for you and your players. If you have a superstar's security that grows in the area coverage, you are better at area defense. Find the type of protection that suits you and your players.

Bending without breaking
Panic is a normal human response, and it usually begins when the opponent's offense begins. The most common reaction is that your opponent can quickly move the ball towards you. Even if they only get a few yards, they are destined to score in this game. The fact is that you are always better off giving up 5 yards instead of 50 yards. Bending instead of breaking will give you many opportunities to serve and force your opponent to beat your defense continually. Large-scale attacks are not allowed.


Top 5 MUT defensive players
Trey Waynes (DB): Because of the super speed, Trey is a reliable choice for DB. What he lacks in other areas can be made up for with his pace.
Langdon Collins (SS): Thanks to his high hit rating, Langdon gives you the flexibility to play him at or below the LB level.
Brian Burns (RE): Brian Burns brings excellent speed and athleticism to any D-Line, which is part of what makes him an ideal budget player for the MUT team.
Devin White and Devin Bush (MLB): Both of these guys must be players in any MUT budget team. Both of these guys provide the perfect combination of speed, coverage, and processing power.
Anthony Barr (OLB): Anthony Barr has been one of Madden's most important LBs year after year due to his unique combination of size and speed.

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