Lost Ark NPCs Affinity: The Definitive Guide

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What is the order of the Affinity NPCs?

There are many affinity NPCs in the Lost Ark, and each one will give you exciting rewards. But where to start? Follow this list to increase your affinity with the NPCs with the most important rewards, and more Lost Ark Gold, Silver, and so on! While you complete a group, you will get the requirements to raise the affinity with the NPCs of the next group.



It will not be a quick process. Getting the requirements of each NPC will take time, and you must do it at your own pace and prioritize the rewards you need at the moment.



With what to raise affinity in Lost Ark?


Affinity NPCs – First Group

Affinity NPCs First Group


Affinity NPCs – Second Group

Affinity NPCs Second Group]


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