Madden 21 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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I am Madden or football fan. Especially at the beginning, Madden can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. However, these tips and tricks should make it easier to get started.


Madden 21 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Use training mode
Even if it sounds boring, the training mode can help you develop a route combination and estimate the best time to activate the receiver. This gives you a better mobile feel, and you can also create new games with the help of "sound" or "hotline." This makes it difficult for the opponent to predict your game because he does not want you to have a new route.

Control linebacker
Even if it causes one or the other big move by the opponent initially, it will raise your level better after some time. You can react better to pass/run the game and catch the ball more easily (especially for human players), mostly if you can guess the receiver's route. It is best to carry L2/LT with you so that LB pays attention to QB at all times, and you can prevent passing games more safely.

Watch the Match
Before you or your opponent catch the ball, press and hold L2/LT and watch the receiver/defender matchup, if you use the correct joystick to switch to a single player, you can see from the four statistics how great the chance of successful action is. There is a difference between speed, altitude (size), RT run (route run), and release ("entry"). The rate and length should be self-explanatory. With a fast player, you will have an advantage, the route goes more prolonged, and the receiver can separate himself from the back of the corner at his speed, while the height can throw a high ball, allowing the receiver to reach the ball first. RT Run is particularly useful for a timed delivery because you can see how the receiver can run its designated route and the extent to which it complies. Release means the speed at which the receiver of the pass can escape from the opponent shortly after the buckle, so the word "start" is represented by "because it does not only mean the beginning.

Don't press R2/RT immediately while running playback.
Maintaining R2/RT immediately after the ball is handed over, the game's temptation is, of course, significant. As a result, you will be hit in the backcourt much more frequently than usual because if you sprint immediately after the handover, your O-line and tight ends will not be able to block correctly. In this way, you pass the flowers blooming, D-Line / Linebacker will surprise you. Therefore, please always be patient and only start running when you find the O line's open gap.

Don't throw too fast.
Who doesn't know: The pass appeared on your face in a hurry, just waiting to bury your QB underground. You panic quickly and quickly press one of the receiver buttons, only to catch an interception. In this case, it is best to let go of yourself! You have lost a few yards, but you don’t have to face annoying mistakes. If necessary, try to stand out from your pocket, then use the R3/right analogy to throw the ball away. Just don't do this in your pocket, or you will be landed intentionally.

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