How to Choose the best QB and CB Entry Player in Madden 21

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How do you make a team of untalented bronze players competes quickly and effectively? As compared with FIFA, there are not only 11 starters, but also more than 30 starters. Therefore, it is essential to fill necessary positions with excellent or even top players. Consequently, we start with the most critical thing for all players: the quarterback! This is where those who book Madden 21 still have an advantage.


How to Choose the best QB and CB Entry Player in Madden 21

In addition to numerous golden gift packs, owners of the MVP version can also get 86 OVR Elite cards from Lamar Jackson. The MVP is worried that his speed will reach 30 kilometers per hour. He is also the cover character of this year's Madden edition. The most important thing is that there is a boot card for Ravens-QB, which can be quickly upgraded to 87 OVR using training points and Elite cards.

All early starters will also receive an exclusive Team Elite Pack, where you can choose one of the 32 fixed players. However, their OVRs are both 82. In most cases, they are worse than the elite base card of the game. Using 82 Patrick Mahomes (the select card is 88) can be set reasonably initially, provided that you want to limit your game against the CPU.

However, if you start using Madden 21 before September 6, there is no need to choose Mahomes. Before that, you can get UT's 85 OVR card from Lamar Jackson in SuperStar KO mode, which is a fast online drafting mode outside of the Madden Ultimate Team. This card is a bit worse than the ordinary Elite card and cannot be used in the boot card. For this reason, if you made five touchdowns in SuperStar KO mode, you will have received them.

Those whose three QB options have not been questioned can only participate in the first individual challenge without an elite quarterback. However, since these contents are straightforward, this is not a big problem.
The missions of the MUT Rivalz event provide a perfect introduction and are not too complicated. The selection of 85 players has been rewarded in the store. Approximately two hours of gaming can earn the necessary four tokens. Then the fifth token can be purchased in the store for 100 coins.

The five Rivalz tokens can be exchanged in the group for Jaylon Smith (85, center back), Zach Ertz (85, tight end), or Ben Roethlisberger (85, quarterback). So far, if there is no good organizer, anyone will choose "Big Ben." But please note: Steelers-QB's athletic ability is usually not enough for online duels. Once the team has a better QB, you can replace Roethlisberger with one of the other two in the same group-such as Zach Ertz! The powerful defender Rivalz card is the right choice and a reliable first stop on the offense.

Captain: Williams is the best choice

If all Rivalz campaigns have been completed, your MUT level should have exceeded 20. In other words: I hope you have already got one or another good player from the upgrade reward, which, of course, goes directly to the team. Besides, you have obtained three outstanding participants. At this time, we will introduce to you in detail:
Sam Mills: This year's MUT Masters is the front line guard of the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers. Mills starts at 75 OVR and can be further upgraded with the MUT master token. You will receive this information that meets various requirements, which can be found under "Missions / MUT Master." Some are fast; some are long-term challenges over the past few months.
Andre Johnson: Level Master WR only started with 73 OVR. With the help of level challenges, you can unlock when you reach level 7 and 18. Johnson quickly got 84 OVRs. Each challenge lasts about 15 to 25 minutes. As the token is unlocked and improved to a certain extent, Johnson quickly reaches a reasonable level and is another powerful weapon for your offense.
Together with the third outstanding player, the captain, you can choose CB Aeneas Williams, DT La'Roi Glover, HB Eddie George, or WR Ed McCaffrey. The captain directly owns 87 OVAs, so it has a direct impact on your team. Since we will get a strong central defender and another excellent receiver in the next individual challenge, our choice falls on Aeneas Williams. Through the captain's token upgrade, the captain will also become more assertive in the game. There are several ways to earn these tokens. But: only three can be used per series. If you are not satisfied with your future choices, you can change the captain to a group.

The second individual challenge is NFL Epics. Here, you will have four players with 85 OVRs who can directly enhance your team. To unlock players, you must complete the corresponding Epic Moment challenge. These are only available after 40 stars have been collected in each player's challenge. Since each player can have 96 stars, you can focus on simple challenges without competing on the highest difficulty, let alone achieving all reward goals. One or two and a half hours later, HB Adrian Peterson, WR Larry Fitzgerald.

The most critical key positions have now been filled. Since you should have accumulated about 150K to 200K Madden 21 Coins through challenges and upgrades, you can now become active in the auction house, be satisfied with some players you are interested in, and meet urgent needs. Besides, you have also received some Power Up passes, which can be used as wildcards in the Power-Up to specify OVR. Make sure you use them as much as possible and don't waste them on low-value players. You can get a Power-Up pass by downgrading. However, half of the training points spent on this move were lost. It is also recommended to write down the passports used so that you can find them again if necessary.

Now, your further career in MUT21 will lead you into the "Team Relations" campaign, in which you can unlock more outstanding players-reward 84 OVR and another 84 or 89 OVR. Here, you can view locations that take up less. In the newly started 135-star Superstar MVP event, you will also get one of four 85-86 OVR players from the same name card series. The advantage of superstars is that they are directly equipped with X factor and passive abilities.

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